Planning for a Changing Arctic: A Scenario-Based Discussion Paper

In partnership with the Sandia National Laboratories and the Polar Institute at the Wilson Center, the Council on Strategic Risks, led by Sherri Goodman, Peter Davies, Jim Townsend and Marisol Maddox, developed and executed a Tabletop Exercise Demonstration at the Arctic Futures 2050 Conference on September 5, 2019. The goal of the session was to demonstrate how a table-top exercise can be used to bring science, indigenous and policy communities together to develop information, ideas and proposed actions to drive future research directions, policy initiatives and planning for emergency response in the Arctic of 2050. This exercise used as a triggering event an Arctic maritime incident that takes place in the year 2050 in which a Chinese-owned LNG tanker collides with its Russian nuclear powered icebreaker escort in a winter storm. The report describes the preparation and execution of the tabletop demonstration exercise, and the key takeaways from it.

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