CSR Receives Grant for Reducing Biological Threats

As the world continues to grapple with the devastation of an ongoing pandemic from a novel coronavirus, the Council on Strategic Risks is doing all it can to help inform response decisions and mitigate future biological threats. 

To help advance this work, in March 2020 Open Philanthropy provided a grant to the Council on Strategic Risks (CSR). The funds will support an effort aimed at generating new ideas for addressing biological weapons threats. Open Philanthropy’s mission is to give effectively and share findings openly so that anyone can build on their work, including their important efforts on often-neglected global catastrophic risks such as biological threats. 

This CSR work will build on its partnership with Sandia National Laboratories to explore concepts for making bioweapons obsolete, and additional work in revolutionizing U.S. and international biothreat policy to more effectively prevent future pandemics. CSR is grateful to Open Philanthropy for their support.


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