Briefer: Climate Risks to India’s Nuclear Program

CSR’s three-tiered study analyzes the complex climate and nuclear security nexus in India. This is the third briefer, “Climate Risks to India’s Nuclear Program,” by Sarang Shidore. Read the first and second briefers, Climate Change and the India-Pakistan Rivalry, and Climate Risks to India’s Internal Security, if you haven’t already. 

This work is part of CSR’s broader series of podcasts & papers highlighting areas around the world in which climate change, nuclear affairs, & security dynamics are increasingly intersecting. Check out our episodes on China, Pakistan, the UAE & read our reports on Egypt & Nigeria. Stay tuned for our forthcoming Turkey paper!

Read the full briefer here.

* This post is part of the Council on Strategic Risks’ “Responsibility to Prepare and Prevent” Blog Series, designed to increase the tempo and scale of relevant and useful analysis during a time of crisis


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