John Conger and Alice Hill Call for a National Resilience Act

In a recent op-ed published in The Hill, the Center for Climate and Security’s Director, John Conger, and Council on Strategic Risks Board Member Alice Hill, call for a National Resilience Act requiring that all investments by the U.S. federal government be climate resilient.  This would entail ensuring that such investments undergo a “climate resilience review.” In short, all federal investments should be built to stand up against current and projected climatic changes.

Conger and Hill state that this law should be envisioned as part of a comprehensive nationwide “Climate and Security Infrastructure Initiative” – the kind outlined in the Center for Climate and Security’s Climate Security Plan for America.

On the heels of this call for a National Resilience Act, the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee marked up its five-year transportation authorization bill – the INVEST in America Act – which increases emphasis on climate resilience and includes requirements for long range transportation plans to include strategies to mitigate and reduce climate impacts, and a vulnerability assessment of critical transportation assets, evacuation routes, and facilities repeatedly damaged by disasters.

Read the full article here. And see CCS’s Climate Security  Plan for America here.


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