On the Verge – Pakistan and Climate Security (003)

Dr. Sweta Chakraborty speaks with South Asia experts (and participants in CSR’s Working Group on Climate, Nuclear, and Security Affairs) Elizabeth Threlkeld of the Stimson Center and Neil Bhatiya of the Center for a New American Security. They discuss nuclear weapons, climate security issues, the effects of natural disasters on the Pakistani population and government, and much more. 

 The Climate-Nuclear-Security Project (CNSP) was the first project of the Converging Risks Lab, bringing together the experience and expertise housed within the Center for Climate and Security (CCS) and the Janne E. Nolan Center on Strategic Weapons, as well as the broader climate security and nuclear security policy communities. The CNSP recognizes that climate and nuclear risks are growing more complex and interconnected, and are beginning to converge in new ways. Understanding and managing this risk landscape requires climate, nuclear and security experts to break down issue sector barriers and develop joint solutions.

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