Climate Change and Health Featuring CSR’s Andrea Rezzonico

On October 18, Andrea Rezzonico, Deputy to the CEO and Deputy Director of the Converging Risks Lab, was featured on the Jacobs Sparks Podcast alongside Dr. Nino Kharaishvili, Global Solutions Director of Health Systems Governance at Jacobs.

In the interview, Andrea and Dr. Kharaishvili discusses the intersection of climate change and global health issues, including: the importance of One Health; the intersections of climate and health impacts such as infectious diseases and pathogen spread; how these risks converge with other security challenges — culminating in complex emergencies; the need for government and private sector collaboration to address these convergences, and more.

This conversation is part of CSR’s broader effort to address the climate, health, and security nexus. CSR supports numerous initiatives aimed at bolstering our understanding around climate change, ecological disruption, biological hazards and threats, and security intersections as well as strengthening related policy and response mechanisms. Incorporating a converging risks lens is critical to adequately prepare for future crises – especially in light of the current global health emergency.

Tune into the episode here.


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