On the Verge: Climate, Migration, and Security in Central America (016)

In this episode, Andrea Rezzonico, Deputy Director of the Converging Risks Lab, interviews Andrew Davis, Senior Researcher at Fundación PRISMA. PRISMA is a regional center for dialogue and research on development and the environment in Central America.

Andrea and Andrew discussed several threads including:

  • The complex intersection of corruption, narco-deforestation, climate change, and migration issues
  • Harmful governance trends, including increasingly blurred lines between illicit/illegal activities, the state, and the private sector 
  • Climate adaptation and mitigation practices that do not fully consider local populations
  • The importance of prioritizing indigeous and community rights, especially with regard to these dynamics

They conclude the conversation by spotlighting several actions the international community can focus on to ensure policy and development interventions succeed over the long run.  

This is part of CSR’s growing efforts to address the nexus of climate change, migration, and security.


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