Andrea Rezzonico

Andrea Rezzonico
Deputy to the CEO and Deputy Director of the Converging Risks Lab

Andrea Rezzonico is the Deputy to the CEO and the Deputy Director of the Converging Risks Lab. She has co-led the development and execution of CSR’s converging risks work since 2016, beginning with its inaugural project analyzing the nexus of climate change, nuclear trends, and security dynamics. She also oversees CSR’s fellowship and internship programs and assists with the organization’s project management.

Much of her work centers on issues such as climate change, weapons of mass destruction, & shifts in international order, and she has written various reports spotlighting these intersections around the world. While at CSR, she has also contributed to the expansion of the converging risks lab, coordinated annual workshops for the Working Group on Climate, Nuclear, & Security Affairs, and helped execute the project’s podcast program. 

Andrea holds an M.A. in Global Security with a concentration in Energy and Environmental Security from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in International Affairs and Italian from Florida State University. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Italian, and is proficient in Portuguese.

Email: arezzonico (at)