Christine Parthemore

Christine Parthemore
Director, The Center on Strategic Weapons

Christine Parthemore is Director of the Center on Strategic Weapons, and Manager of the Climate-Nuclear-Security Nexus Project. She has also been an adjunct professor in the Global Security Studies program at Johns Hopkins University since 2010. Her current work covers issues in countering weapons of mass destruction, arms control and disarmament, innovation and technology trends in national security, and the security implications of climate change. In 2016 she was a Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow in Tokyo, where she researched Japan’s approach to international civil nuclear cooperation.

Prior, she served as the senior advisor to the assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs in the U.S. Department of Defense, an office that managed more than $3 billion per year in research and development, acquisition, treaty compliance, and international partnership programs in addition to directing the Nuclear Weapons Council. Her countering-weapons of mass destruction work spanned from projects to eliminate chemical weapons to biosecurity capacity-building programs with partner countries, and included a multi-year effort leading to the international mission to remove and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons and collaboration with international partners on all-hazards emergency preparedness and global health security.

Parthemore has worked at various think tanks and contributed to two best-selling nonfiction books. With extensive experience in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, Parthemore has testified before Congress, spoken at the United Nations, authored or coauthored dozens of written works, and lectured at universities in the United States, Vietnam, and China. She holds degrees from The Ohio State University and Georgetown. Her twitter handle is @clparthemore

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