Climate Risks: Fusing Security, Science, and Storytelling

Since 2021, CCS has partnered with scientists at the Woodwell Climate Research Center and regional experts to examine climate security risks in key locations. These include analysis of countries like Türkiye, Iran, North Korea, as well as important regions like the Arctic and the China-India border. 

As climate change intensifies, it will increasingly disrupt the interconnected environmental, political, social, and economic systems that underpin state stability and international security. These effects will impact not only the most vulnerable countries, but also nuclear-armed or geopolitically-important states and regions of seemingly greater stability that face underappreciated climate security challenges. In this setting, fusing sophisticated science, policy-relevant security analysis, and compelling presentation is critical to anticipate, communicate, and address these risks. 

Explore these analyses below. 

Sept 2023 | Türkiye’s Confluence of Climate and Security Risks

Sept 2023 | Looming Climate Security Crises in Iran

July 2021 | Converging Crises in North Korea: Security, Stability and Climate Change

May 2021 | Temperatures and Tensions Rise: Security and Climate Risk in the Arctic

May 2021 | Melting Mountains, Mounting Tensions: Climate Change and the India-China Rivalry