Dr. Damien Soghoian

Damien Soghoian is the Head of Strategy and Operations at Foresite Labs, where he is part of the leadership team and focuses on the incubation of new healthcare and biotechnology companies that use the tools of data science to solve unmet medical needs. Damien is also a member of the investment team at Foresite Capital Management, a healthcare venture capital and private equity firm. Damien is passionate about the intersection of life sciences and technology and how private sector innovation can benefit public health. Prior to his transition to the investment world, Damien was an early member of Google Life Sciences (now Verily Life Sciences), where he was science lead for the Project Baseline health study and served as technical lead for immunology, driving the deployment of Verily’s immunology platform across multiple collaborations. Damien received his B.S. in Biology from Caltech and a Ph.D. in Virology from Harvard University and has experience in systems biology, immunology, and biochemistry research and development across academia and industry.