Dr. Rajeev Surati

Dr. Rajeev Surati is a member of the Council on Strategic Risks Board of Directors. Surati is an inventor, entrepreneur, and investor. He has a Ph.D, SM, and SB in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He is a Lecturer at Harvard Medical School one month of the year, teaching Computational Medicine. He is president and founder of Scalable Display Technologies, the world’s foremost provider of displays for large immersive display systems using the autocalibration technology he invented for his PhD at MIT in 1999 along with his PhD Advisor, Thomas Knight, PhD (both a computer technology pioneer and one of the grandfathers of synthetic biology). Surati holds 10 patents and is an expert on imagery, computer vision, digital signal processing, systems design, virtual reality, and computational photography. In 1998 he sold his instant messaging company Flash Communications to Microsoft as the basis for its instant messaging platform. Subsequent to that he cofounded and sold the world’s largest amateur photographer community, photo.net, to Namemedia. Currently he advises over 40 startups at varying stages in therapeutics, synthetic biology, blockchain, AI, computer graphics networking, etc.