Ecological Security Program

Risks to global security are heightened by ecological degradation due to anthropogenic stressors. The loss of ecological function and services, the acceleration of ecological harms (such as zoonotic spillover) and environmental crime will contribute to risks of future pandemics, geopolitical clashes, political instability, loss of social cohesion, economic fragility, food insecurity, resource scarcity, and more. At the same time, some of these pathways will produce multifaceted, complex, and converging crises as they intersect with other rising security threats.

CSR’s Ecological Security Program aims to identify, explore, and analyze these pathways, clearing the way for a fuller understanding of their consequences.

Featured resources: Ecological Security “101”

Ecological Security "101" image showing the linkages between ecological drivers and their security consequences.

Explore the first in our Ecological Security infographic series to visualize how ecological drivers spread, converge, and ultimately impact global security issues.

Additional infographics will be published and made available here as the Program continues.

Ecological Security Project resources:

Ecological Security Report | September 2023
Ecological Risk in a Future Southeast Asia: An Ecological Security Policy Game

Ecological Security Briefer | July 2023
The Security Implications of Human-Driven Biotic Eruptions

Ecological Security Briefer | March 2023
The Devil’s in the Deep: Marine Fisheries, Ecological Tipping Point Risks, and Maritime Security

CSR Report | February 2021
The Security Threat that Binds Us

CSR Report | April 2022
Societal and Security Implications of Ecosystem Service Declines, Part 1: Pollination and Seed Dispersal

On the Verge Podcast | November 2022
“Fishwars” – An Interview with Johan Bergenas on the Nexus of Ocean Health, Fisheries, Climate Change and Security

On the Verge Podcast | April 2022
An Interview with Tanya Wyatt on Environmental and Wildlife Crime

On the Verge Podcast | March 2022
Interview with Chip Barber on Illegal Logging, Forestry Crime, and Forest Integrity

CSR & Program News | May 2021
Announcing the Inaugural Cohort of Ecological Security Fellows

CSR & Program News | August 2021
CSR Expands Ecological Security Program with Significant New Grant

Upcoming Programming

  • Ecological Security Workshop | Spring 2023
  • Ecological Security Fellows: Class 1 Lessons Learned Briefer Series
  • Ecological Security Tipping Points Briefer Series | Ongoing