Julia Bontempo

Fellow, Climate and Security Program

Julia is a resiliency professional who has worked with communities across the country to
understand the extent of climate-related threats and realize inclusive, resilient, and
sustainable development. As a member of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Resiliency, she
collaborated with some of the city’s most vulnerable communities to stay safe during heat
waves and collaborated on multidisciplinary teams to brainstorm and develop plans for
mitigating extreme heat in creative, sustainable, and accessible ways. Through her work
as an Associate at Karp Strategies, Julia builds supply chain and public support for
renewable energy infrastructure through community, workforce, and economic strategy.

As Julia embarks on the CCS’s Climate Security Fellowship, she envisions leveraging her knowledge in community-scale resiliency planning to tackle broader regional and international climate security challenges. Recognizing the interconnectedness of our global community, she’s eager to contribute to shaping strategies that not only mitigate climate threats but also keep people safe.