Dr. Alex Berezow

Dr. Alex Berezow,
Non-Resident Fellow, Council on Strategic Risks

Alex Berezow is a Non-Resident Fellow with the Council on Strategic Risks. He is a prolific science writer with expertise in microbiology, biotechnology, public health, and science policy. He has written over 1,000 articles, many of which appeared in major news outlets, such as BBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Foreign Policy, The Telegraph (UK), The Atlantic, and USA Today, where he serves on the Board of Contributors. He is also a monthly columnist for the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Berezow has authored or co-authored three popular science books, the most recent of which is The Next Plague and How Science Will Stop It. He also contributed to chapters on transgenic organisms, biological warfare, and bioethics for an undergraduate textbook on biotechnology. Currently, he serves as Vice President of Scientific Affairs for the American Council on Science and Health, a consumer advocacy non-profit whose mission is to separate media-hyped health scares from legitimate health threats. Previously, he was founding editor of RealClearScience (of the RealClearPolitics family of websites), and he served as assistant editor of RealClearWorld, where he specialized in European politics.

Berezow is also a public speaker who has given talks to thousands of people — from Seattle to DC and from Budapest to Switzerland — including fellow scientists, church members, students, and the general public. Additionally, he has given dozens of interviews on national TV and radio programs and has a twice-weekly radio segment in the Seattle area called “Real Science with Dr. B.” Berezow holds a PhD in microbiology from the University of Washington.