Dr. Stan Wang

Dr. Stan Wang,
Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Council on Strategic Risks

Dr. Stan Wang is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow with the Council on Strategic Risks, working at the intersection of medicine, science, and entrepreneurship to build a future where bioweapons are obsolete. Dr. Wang is Co-Founder and was the Founding Chief Scientific Officer of Cellino Biotech, Inc., a venture capital-backed biotechnology company based in Boston.

As a physician-scientist and technologist, Dr. Wang is passionate about ensuring that rapid advances in and the increasing accessibility of biotechnology are applied safely and efficaciously. Previously, as a postdoctoral fellow with geneticist and synthetic biologist, George Church, at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Wang helped secure and lead a DARPA-funded project to safeguard the accidental or intentional misuse of genome editing technologies.

As both a Gates Scholar and NIH-Cambridge MD/PhD Scholar, he undertook his PhD in stem cell biology & regenerative medicine with Nobel laureate Sir John Gurdon and Roger Pedersen at the University of Cambridge (UK), along with Vittorio Sartorelli at the National Institutes of Health (USA). Dr. Wang received his MD from the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons with funding via the NIH Medical Scientist Training Program.