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  • Destruction and Beyond

    A Trilogy of Articles Exploring the Historic Elimination of the World’s Declared Stockpiles of Chemical Weapons

  • Addressing the Threat of Disease Spillover

    Bridging biosecurity and ecological security communities and activities will be critical to reaping the full benefits of effectively preventing, identifying, halting, and mitigating spillover events, and hopefully preventing the next pandemic.

  • A US Air Force F-35A carries two inert B61-12 nuclear bombs as part of a flight test, 20 December 2021.

    A Sole Purpose Doctrine for NATO Nuclear Forces? Examining Unilateral Declarations

    CSR’s Nuclear Risk Reduction Fellowship in 2023 investigated the role of unilateral declarations in risk reduction, specifically exploring a potential unilateral adoption of a sole purpose doctrine by NATO. Despite posing challenges and risks, this approach could lower nuclear usage risks in Europe under certain conditions and pressure Russia into a similar commitment. The sole…

  • The Cyber-Biosecurity Nexus: Key Risks and Recommendations for the United States

    Cyber-biosecurity threats are escalating as malicious actors target critical infrastructure, biotech firms, and research institutions. This briefer provides an overview of the trends and critical risks at the nexus of cybersecurity and biosecurity. It then offers high-level recommendations for addressing these risks.

  • Ecological Risk in a Future Southeast Asia: An Ecological Security Policy Game

    The results of this exercise show that loss of ecosystem functions and services—and the acceleration of climate change—may contribute to resource scarcity, food insecurity, economic fragility, community displacement, societal unrest, political instability, civil conflict and increased authoritarianism.

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