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  • Key Biodefense Elements in the FY2024 President’s Budget Request

    This briefer provides an overview of proposed biodefense spending in the U.S. government’s FY24 budget across all relevant federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and others. The Nolan Center’s analysis is designed to highlight notable changes in funding, potentially important new programs, and areas for improvement in vital…

  • The Security Implications of Human-Driven Biotic Eruptions

    Introducing the biotic eruption, a tipping point characterized by the atypical increase of species’ populations, biomass, or byproducts. Biotic eruptions are often the result of environmental pollution, wildlife exploitation, or species introductions. Policymakers should consider these eruptions in a global security context, and take actions accordingly.

  • Finland’s Accession to NATO: An Opportunity to Bolster Europe’s CBRN Defense

    Finland’s long tradition of close security cooperation with NATO places the country in a unique position to lead the alliance in building toward the strategic concept of deterrence by denial across the full spectrum of CBRN threats.

  • Leadership in the Polycrisis: How UK Defense Training Can Help Us Navigate a Future of Unprecedented Environmental Disruption

    Approaches to leadership development in a defense context—which commonly focus on the ability to operate effectively under intense conditions—might have increasing relevance for civilian leaders wanting to enhance their capacity to respond to this emergent “polycrisis” era.

  • Water Weaponization: Its Forms, Its Use in the Russia-Ukraine War, and What to Do About It

    Water has been associated with conflict and cooperation between states since the beginning of recorded history. In ancient Mesopotamia, a conflict over the Euphrates River between two Sumerian cities yielded the world’s first recorded treaty. However, water has just as often been weaponized during conflict—water weaponization being the exploitation of the human need for water,…

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