Report: A Summit on Ending Biological Threats—Event Summary

This report summarizes discussions held during a workshop hosted by the Council on Strategic Risks on September 26, 2022, focused on ending extreme risks from biological threats. Conversations centered around a few core subject areas: pathogen early warning, public-private collaboration, interagency efforts and collaboration, and strategic communications.

Release: Experts Publish Handbook on How Emerging Technologies Increase the Risk of Miscalculation, Misinterpretation and Escalation in Nuclear Weapons Decisions

In the next crisis between nuclear-armed states, national decision-makers may confront a much denser fog of war, an increased pressure to act, and a grave lack of understanding about the features of their operating environment—to name just a few of the changes on the horizon—due to a suite of emerging and disruptive technologies including social media, deep fakes, cyber weapons, drones, satellites, machine learning, autonomous systems, hypersonic weapons, and quantum computing.

RECAP: Congressional Biosecurity Luncheon

By Jackson du Pont On Tuesday, September 27th, the Council on Strategic Risks partnered with Building Stronger Futures to host a Congressional Luncheon with Congressman Ritchie Torres [D-NY] and Dr. Beth Cameron. Rep. Torres introduced Dr. Cameron, who currently serves…