The CSR’s “Bridge Project” is designed to build bridges between distinct sectors of the security community in order to facilitate a better understanding of the complex interplay of threats in a rapidly-changing world, and to anticipate and manage new or future risks and opportunities that may emerge from these intersections. The Project will bring together experts from within the CSR’s distinct institutes, and from the broader security community, to ask forward-thinking questions and develop anticipatory solutions.

The Climate-Nuclear-Security Project

The Climate-Nuclear-Security Project (CNSP) is the first of the CSR’s Bridge Projects,  bringing together the experience and expertise housed within the Center for Climate and Security (CCS) and the Center on Strategic Weapons (CSW), as well as the broader climate security and nuclear security policy communities. The CNSP recognizes that climate and nuclear risks are growing more complex and interconnected, and are beginning to converge in new ways. Understanding and managing this risk landscape requires climate, nuclear and security experts to break down issue sector barriers and develop joint solutions. For more, see the CNSP page here.


Christine Parthemore, Director, The Climate-Nuclear-Security Program
Andrea Rezzonico, Assistant Director, The Climate-Nuclear-Security Program

Featured reports

Working Group on Climate Nuclear and Security Affairs Report Two           working-group-on-climate-nuclear-and-security-affairs_report-one